I just wanted to make Punk!James sketch reblogable. ಥ_ಥ


If this doesn’t call for a drawing showdown, I don’t know what does. 


Happy Birthday to the one and only Aleksandr Vitalyevich Marchant. 22 years ago you were born in some country far far away and some how you ended up here. You’ve faced many hardships, from losing your mother at a young age, to moving a terrifyingly new country when you were only 7. You haven’t had the easiest of times but you have made it. You have created a successful carear for yourself,  you have a wonderful family of 8 other guys who would do absolutely anything for you, and you have gained a HUGE fanbase who will always love you no matter what. Happy Birthday you dumb Russian meme. We Love You.  - Courtney

"This went from bad, to worse, to terrible, to Detroit!"

SSoHPKC (Seamus)

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Happy 22nd Birthday Aleksandr Marchant (or ImmortalHD)!

Thank you Aleks for your funny faces and for making us smile everyday, can’t believe you’re 22 dude. You’ve came along way from YouTube and in your personal life Aleksandr. Keep up the work and love you man. You’re growing up fast, anyways have a great birthday Aleks!

"It’s a.. A memorabilia"  [x]

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Happy 22nd Birthday Aleks!!

featuring Plushie Aleks and Plushie James.

p.s. the hat says “Birthday Creature”

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happy birthday meme boy