On this day: Mark Henry’s 15 year journey leads him to Night of Champions where he sniffs out Randy Orton’s injured knee, allowing him to take down The Viper before landing the World’s Strongest Slam to win his first World Heavyweight Championship. (9/18/11)

countdown: 5 days until dean returns

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Roman Reigns responds to people claiming that his 2014 Royal Rumble record for most eliminations is tied to 11.5 not 12, with El Torito being one of those eliminations.

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10 Life ruiners (random order) | (1) Dean Ambrose 

Anonymous Requested: Get to know The Undertaker

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Product of a Broken Home.” Co-starring AJ & @celestebonin!

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the quite honestly inescapable nope parallel of dean ambrose throughout 2012//2014

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 Playing cops n robbers with onset of


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I draw Carl too much