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Here’s a short loop of ‘Dern sure’ w/ a bonus dern dude. Feel free to DL this using xkit.

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Creatures + (mis)adventures at the airport

"No one beats The Legend Killer…Thats why I’m the greatest in this business!”-Randy Orton.

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Keep On Smiling :D 

You guys have make us smile everyday, and I bet all of the critter fandom want to too. We want to make you guys happy and smile, we want to return the favor. This is a little way of saying Thank You for making all of us smile on whatever occasion it is. x :)

CM Punk at Wizard World in Philadelphia - 6/2/12

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"I want to raise the bar, to be the actual best performer, to be the best man possible, to be the biggest WWE superstar the world’s ever seen." - Roman Reigns

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Seth Rollins + Up Close & Personal

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